Homes That Work For Us

Net Positive Energy

Stop paying energy bills. Generate your own energy through rooftop solar to power your cars, house, and life.

Great Experience

Your home should be comfortable, healthy, convenient, and delightful. Let’s build homes that work for us.

Build Community

By using human-centered design, your home will be a joyful experience that fosters interaction through welcoming spaces that encourage connection.

Innovative Design

LilyPad’s design marries the latest in technology and high performance with 21st century architecture that pays homage to its 1950’s-era tract house roots. It’s community-centered design fosters relationships and creates a healthy, joyful life.

Great Experience

Whether you’re barbecuing with friends, running kids to a soccer game, or coming home late after a long work day, your home should help your busy lifestyle while providing a quiet, clean, comfortable and healthy sanctuary.

Explore High-Performance Systems

LilyPad goes further than net-zero energy, it's net-positive. With a massive 13kW solar array, it produces 3x more energy than it consumes. By recycling water through the greywater system, it significantly cuts its water need. Additionally, air-sealing and super-insulated walls create best-in-class efficiency and a great home experience. Let's build high-performance homes that work for us, rather than us working to maintain our homes.