100% Electric

Your water heater, climate control, washer/dryer, and cooking appliances can all run 100% off clean electric power. Charge several electric cars. Have fast and precise combustion-free cooking with an induction cooktop, combination oven, and more. Make money selling energy back to the grid. Usher in the end of the fossil fuel era. Take control over your life and be your own power plant.

Sun Power

By covering your entire rooftop in solar you can have enough energy for everything in your life. This includes heating, cooling, state-of-the-art appliances, electric cars, and still have plenty of excess energy to sell back to the grid. Stop paying for electricity, heating, and gas and instead get paid.

Electric Car Charging

Solar power lets you to be your own power plant. Now you can drive electric and stop paying for gas, deal with maintenance headaches of a gas engine, or worry about the emissions or smog you’re creating around your children. It’s truly empowering to drive on free clean sunshine you’ve captured.

L.E.D. Lighting

L.E.D. lighting is efficient, long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing, and comes in the same variety of styles that you’d expect from traditional lighting, like filament or "Edison" bulbs. Have perfect lighting for every situation: gallery lighting for artwork, task lighting for projects, wall washers for ambiance and motion-detection path lighting lets you find your way in the night without disturbing people or pets.