Greywater Reuse

Stop pouring your wastewater, quite literally, down the drain. By reusing water you are not only saving money but you’re also preparing for years of drought and providing automatic irrigation. Convenient switches divert the drain to the sewer if you need to get rid of something you don't want on your plants.

Hot Water Recirculating Loops

Ordinarily, every time you turn on a hot faucet you have to wait for the cold water to be cleared out. This not only wastes water and time, but is uncomfortable while you’re waiting naked in the shower. Motion-detectors automagically turn on the recircirculating loop as you approach giving you instant hot water.

Water-efficient Fixtures

Highly-efficient water fixtures paired with a hot water recirculating loop create a great experience. The shower knobs have separate controls for temperature and volume, so get the perfect temperature every time, instantly. The shower heads also features an easy pause push-button letting you easily and conveniently save water.

Rainwater Capture

Rainwater presents an opportunity to capture free water. Sometimes referred to as “purple water”, captured rainwater can be stored either in an above ground or underwater cistern. Not suitable for drinking, but suitable for many of the same uses as greywater, captured rainwater can be used for flushing toilets, running your washing machine, or watering your landscape.