Design Philosophy

A well-built home should last centuries. By designing a space that is built for people, you will foster organic interactions and connection. Sitting circles connect to an abundance of walking paths and modular spaces that are reconfigurable and functionable. High-quality materials and well-designed systems not only save money and time, but are a wonderful experience.

Welcoming Public Front

Like many American homes, LilyPad originally had an imposing garage and the front walkway was awkward and unwelcoming. The entrance now encourage "porch culture," and the garage is softened by a lush pergola. A public edible garden in the front yard welcomes neighbors, friends, and family. It now says “Hello people, hello bicycles, as well as hello electric cars.”

A Delicious Edible Landscape

Citrus, vegetables, spices! These plants are not only tasty and wholesome, but make your yard beautiful. Community gatherings and cooking classes bask in the aromas of delicious plants. Growing your own fruits and vegetables is healthy, saves money, and creates community. It also lets you eat the freshest, most nutritious and delicious produce!

Community First

Many houses are designed so that people are far apart. LilyPad instead prioritizes spaces that help people connect, collaborate, and play. It's ready to host large potlucks. There are two dishwashers, cooking and cleaning sinks, as well as five areas to chat, play, and connect. It's ready to host workshops or for chefs to teach cooking classes.

Creating Healthy Spaces

Conventional buildings off-gas dangerous chemicals known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). By coupling tight air sealing with a Heat Recovery Ventilation system, your air can be constantly fresh, filtered, and oxygenated — replaced every three hours. This means fewer allergens, molds, or other problems, and keeps you and your family alert and sniffle-free.

Bringing the Outside In

In LilyPad, tall walls of windows create a seamless bridge between the outdoor and indoor spaces. The backyard grass comes as close to the door as possible, so you step right out into your lawn. Gathering spaces in the backyard and side yard connect directly to the kitchen and catch the setting evening sun – ideal for dinner parties.