Layered Lighting

Every room should have appropriate L.E.D. lighting. Task-lighting helps you focus on a project. Gallery lighting proudly displays your artwork. Wall washing lights create a warm ambiance, and motion-activated path lighting stops you from tripping over your pets in the middle of the night. L.E.D. lighting comes in the all the varieties you'd expect from traditional bulbs, including filament or "Edison" bulbs.

Stops Sound Pollution

Through its use of triple-pane windows, a ductless HVAC system, interior wall insulation, and drop seals on doors, you can have great sound isolation. This lets roommates work in peace and isolates you from outdoor noise so you won't wake up to the morning garbage trucks. A remote blower for the range hood is super quiet so won't disrupt conversation.

Breathe Easy

Traditional buildings aren't well insulated or air-sealed so are drafty and have inconsistent temperatures. High-performance homes maintain comfortable, uniform temperature throughout. The air is cycled every three hours with fresh, filtered oxygenated outdoor air free of pollutants. This keeps you alert, comfortable, and sniffle-free year-round.

Year-round Comfort

In a High-Performance home you never have to sacrifice your comfort. Room-specific temperatures let your whole family be comfortable. The recirculating hot water loop is triggered by a motion sensor that makes hot water instantly available. This paired with a high-efficiency water heater and push-button shower head control means guilt-free showers.

Time and Hassle Saving

Several convenient features save you time. A smart lock gets you into your home easily and securely. The ability to remotely open the garage lets guests easily park their bikes. Dual dishwashers make cleanup fast and easy. Remote sewer diversion switches next to bathrooms makes it simple if you need to save your landscape from something nasty going down the drain.

Low Maintenance

Let your home work for you. Spend less time repairing, cleaning, maintaining, and spending. Choose counters and hardwood floors that are easy to clean and hide dirt and wear. A dog washing station keeps mud out of your house, and a mud room stops humans from bringing in dirt. Spend less time cleaning your home and more time living your life.